Kentucky Bourbon Trail® – Versailles

The Full Day Kentucky Bourbon Trail Versailles Tour

Featuring:Woodford, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Town Branch

The Versailles area distilleries are set amongst some of the prettiest country side in the United States. The area is surrounded by rich farmland and massive sprawling horse estates. The First stop on this tour is Woodford Reserve. They have a high-end country club feel and stunning campus. This tour you will see everything that is involved in the distillation process from grain to bottle. The tour ends in the tasting room overlooking Woodford’s stunning estate. The second stop is lunch at one of the locations we have hand selected based on our experience in the past with what we love best. The third stop will be a tasting at Four Roses Distillery which features stunning Spanish style architecture and lush gardens. This stop is followed by a gift shop stop at Wild Turkey*. The last stop is a craft distillery known as Town Branch Distillery and Alltech Brewing. The first half of the tour takes you through the world of fermentation and the brewery followed by a beer tasting. The second half of this tour goes through the distillery and ends with a tasting of their high end distilled spirits. All in all this day is incredibly dynamic and flies by.

Important Information:

Be sure to bring a valid photo ID. All Guests must be 21+ for group tours, or on private tours if guests wish to drink alcohol in the vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: Distilleries prohibit alcoholic beverages to be consumed on site. Smoking on the grounds or in the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

An initial gratuity is included for the driver, but additional gratuities are welcomed.

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Allergy Disclaimer

Pegasus holds the highest standard for the cleanliness of their vehicles and facilities, but cannot guarantee that any areas visited, or any other guests, will be free of allergens, and assumes no liability for adverse reactions to items one may come into contact with during the course of a tour. If you have a known allergy, please take this into consideration when booking your experience, and have all necessary medication available.

All itineraries are examples and subject to change.

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