Bachelor Party

A tour to bring the party

Sample Experience:

  • 9am Pickup
  • 10:30am arrival at Makers Mark
  • 10:45-11:45am Tour
  • 11:45-12 Tasting
  • 12:15-12:45 Lunch and cocktails at Makers Mark’s Star Hill Provisions Café
  • 1pm departure from Makers Mark
  • 1:40 arrival at Willett Distillery
  • 2pm Tour at Willett Distillery
  • 2:45 Tasting
  • 3pm departure
  • 3:20 arrival at Jim Beam Distillery
  • 3:30-4:50 Tour
  • 4:50-5:15 Tasting and cocktails
  • 5:30 Departure from Jim Beam
  • 6-6:15 Drop Off
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Private Tour Gratuity

You are not expected to tip in addition but you are more than welcome to. If you feel like your Host went above and beyond then having each guest tip $5-$20 per person is more than enough. You can also call the office at 502-458-1862 and have additional gratuities added to your credit card 24-7. Remember the built-in gratuity is only 18% of the base vehicle cost NOT the total bill. This usually works out to be around $175 on average to the chauffeur before taxes are taken out.

Allergy Disclaimer

Pegasus holds the highest standard for the cleanliness of their vehicles and facilities, but cannot guarantee that any areas visited, or any other guests, will be free of allergens, and assumes no liability for adverse reactions to items one may come into contact with during the course of a tour. If you have a known allergy, please take this into consideration when booking your experience, and have all necessary medication available.

All itineraries are examples and subject to change.

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