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Pegasus finds the group for you, we work hard to connect destinations that tell your story.

Find your perfect Kentucky day

Public Tours are perfect for smaller groups or people who want to mingle with others throughout their bourbon tour experience.  You’ll travel in the same chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles as our private tours, but you’re paired with other like-minded travelers on a set route.  We craft our itineraries to include a wide variety of tours and tastings to make each one its own unique curated experience.  We see to every detail, even down to the themed music and video on board the vehicle, to complete your perfect Kentucky day!  

Your Public Tour price includes all of the day’s distillery admission tickets as well as a fully-stocked cooler of bottled waters, sodas, and ice. (We also provide glassware for your adult beverages too!) As responsible drinkers ourselves, we always include a lunch stop (not included in price).  An initial gratuity for your chauffeur is also included, though tips for exceptional service are always appreciated.  For more information on the experience our Public Tours provide, see our FAQ.