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Pegasus Distillery Experiences has connected the 10 Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distilleries in 5 separate experiences or you can build your own to create your perfect itinerary.

Your Perfect Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Ten legendary distilleries waiting to share their historic craft and timeless secrets. Pick up your Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport at your first stop along the trail, then collect all 10 stamps and the Kentucky Distillers Association will send you a free t-shirt to commemorate your journey.

Click Here for Bourbon Trail Map (PDF)

Pegasus Distilled can help you choose a set of distilleries for your group in your own private vehicle or on one of our public tours.   A three-day itinerary is available which will allow visits to all 10 distilleries, or choose your 3-4 favorites for a one full-day excursion.  Due to travel time between the distilleries, we recommend choosing distilleries within one region to make the most of your time.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail Distilleries