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About Us

Pegasus Distilled is the newest division of Pegasus. Due to the wonderful effect of “Bourbonsim”, and the need for a clear concise place for Pegasus’s tourism department to be showcased we have developed Pegasus Distilled. Pegasus has been in the bourbon business for more than 10 years, and works closely with the Kentucky Distillers Association and its distilleries as an official sponsor on their partnership to ensure that our tours are executed effectively and efficiently.


Pegasus would like to thank you for choosing a responsible ride. It’s always best practice to think ahead when drinking. The more you plan the less time you have to wait at a given stop for pickup back and forth. We collaborate closely with the distilleries and other local companies to offer transportation and hospitality services to get you safely and elegantly between destinations. In order for you and your group to enjoy bourbon responsibly we provide the following:

Food and Beverage Services

We are fully licensed and insured so you can bring alcoholic beverages along with you in the vehicle, provided everyone is over 21 or with a parent. We encourage you to eat throughout the day and plan to stop for lunch, to both inform your palette for tastings as well as maintain a responsible drinking atmosphere. On every one of our vehicles we provide a cooler with ice, waters, and napkins as well as space for your own cooler or snacks.

Our Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs must pass a series of driving & written tests, background checks, and drug/alcohol screening before they can work for Pegasus. They are fully licensed, and subject to a strict dress and appearance code. We also monitor driving with speed alerts to the office, safety cameras, and automated texts.

Bourbon To-Do

Please respect the spirit. We work tirelessly for more than 4 years to craft the spirit that you drink called Bourbon. Don’t shoot it back in a shot. Not only is that not a sustainable drinking method on a bourbon tour but it’s also disrespectful to all the people and resources that have gone into that one ounce pour. It’s meant to be enjoyed not as a means to get drunk.  Plan ahead to experiment with different mixers and cocktails, and let us help you explore even more ways to enjoy your favorite spirit!

Membership and Affiliations

At Pegasus our business relationships are very important to us. We’re members of several national and local associations.

Pegasus is a proud member of the following organizations:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Kentucky Limousine Association
  • National Limousine Association
  • Greater Louisville, Inc.
  • Greater Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Jeffersontown Chamber of Commerce

To see our Better Business Bureau A+ Rating, click here.